Association for Politics and the Life Sciences



Politics and the Life Sciences (PLS) is a biannual, interdisciplinary peer-reviewed journal with a global audience. PLS is the official journal of the Association for Politics and the Life Sciences, an American Political Science Association (APSA) Related Group and an American Institute of Biological Sciences (AIBS) Member Society. It is published by Cambridge University Press and indexed in BIOONE, JSTOR, Academic Search Premier, International Political Science Abstracts, The Psychology and the Behavioral Science Collection, and Social Sciences Abstracts.

PLS publishes interdisciplinary research at the intersection of political science and the life sciences. The broad range of topics includes political behavior and institutions, public policy, and ethics as informed by sciences such as biology and physiology. Research published in PLS is often motivated by biological and evolutionary theories; health, environmental, and agricultural policy; and bioethical controversies as well as interest in political decision making, leadership evaluation, political intolerance and violence, political cooperation and competition, and international security. Contributors include political scientists, psychologists, economists, policy analysts, historians, security experts, health clinicians, ethicists and philosophers, communications and public opinion researchers, and legal scholars.

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